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The Key to a Well-Behaved Dog
Dog training is a process, and there are no one-size-fits-all quick fixes. But our step-by-step approach makes that process much easier for you:

  • Step 1 – Laying a Strong Foundation: We do the hard, complex work of initial training. Through regular, intensive but fun sessions with an experienced trainer, your dog learns that he’ll be reliably rewarded for good behavior.
  • Step 2 – Transferring Knowledge & Skills: Whether you choose our Day Training or Coach Training option, we teach you everything you need to know to sustain and strengthen your dog’s improved behavior.
  • Step 3 – Fostering Continuous Progress: The more consistently you follow our training program, the better the results you’ll get. As your personal training partner, we help you develop good follow-through both during and after our training period.

Sound good? Contact us now to set up an at-home consultation appointment.

Behavior Problems Solved
Does your dog:

  • Jump up on people?
  • Chew on furniture and other stuff he’s not supposed to?
  • Nip at your fingers?
  • Pull on the leash when you’re walking?
  • Bark and lunge at other dogs?
  • Not come when you call?

On My Best Behavior solves these and other behavior problems. Our specialty is turning “disobedient,” “wild,” “hyperactive,” and “out-of-control” dogs into calm, polite, and sociable pets. Contact us now to learn more or schedule an in-home consultation.

Two Convenient Training Options

Whether you want a seasoned expert to train your dog or to show you how it’s done, On My Best Behavior has service options to accomplish your goals and fit your lifestyle.

  • Day Training: We train your dog for you, then once a week show you simple ways to keep up your dog’s new improved behavior
  • Coach Training: We train your dog during the first half of each session, then teach you to train your own dog during the second half

Whichever option you choose, you get personalized, on-the-spot support from a professional trainer. We’ll answer your questions, offer advice about your dog’s care, and show you how to make every moment with your dog a trainable moment.

Ready to Take the Next Step?
Contact us to learn more or schedule an in-home consultation
Learn more about how our private training services work

Group Training

Does your condo, apartment complex, assisted living facility, or homeowners’ association have dog problems – like complaints about dogs barking excessively or lunging at residents on walks? We can help – get details on our community problem-solving seminars.

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Training that works – for dogs and people

You want your best friend to be the best dog he can be. A friendly, sweet-natured member of the family who’s well-behaved at home and out in the world. An easygoing companion who can go places with you and who enriches your life the way only a loyal pet can.

But your dog doesn’t always do what you want. Sometimes he does exactly what you don’t want him to – and he seems to doing it more, not less. You want to change his behavior, but you don’t know how. What you’ve tried hasn’t worked, and you’re not sure what to do.

Let On My Best Behavior Help – With Private Home-Based Training

  • Relieves Stress: We do the hard work, solve problems, and get results – so you can relax
  • Saves Time: We come to you so you don’t have to drive, saving you time and expense
  • Frees Up Your Day: We can train even if you’re not home, so you’re free to get things done
  • Fast Results: Just a few short weeks of training is all it usually takes to change a dog’s behavior for good
  • Long-Lasting: We’ll show you how to maintain your dog’s training with intuitive, easy-to-use techniques

Dogs do whatever works for them, even if it’s not what you want. Do what will work for you and your dog – get him the training he needs to be his best. Contact On My Best Behavior to get started today.
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Serving Denver and Beyond

On My Best Behavior is proud to serve Metro Denver’s thriving dog community:

  • Denver
  • Lakewood
  • Westminster
  • Wheat Ridge

Service outside of these areas is available, but may incur an additional mileage fee

Contact Details

Phone: 303-332-3211

Email: shannon@onmybestbehavior.com


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Dog Training in the Denver Area