Shannon is very dedicated and professional and helped me with my dog, Beso, who had become extremely stressed and had become quite aggressive with people.

I adopted Beso at 4 months from a rescue. She is a lab/heeler mix (may have some pit bull). When she reached a little over a year old, I was suddenly unable to take her anywhere and one of my dog walkers could no longer walk her because she had given her a warning snap in the air, but close to her face, when she had tried to let her out of her crate for a walk.

Shannon helped me realize that she was stressed out and that a lot of the things I was doing were adding to the stress. Beso has always had significant stomach issues, but her elimination is much more normal now and I see it as a sign of stress when it is not. I also see the stress when it arises in Beso’s behavior – Shannon taught me what to look for and how to teach Beso that I will get her out of stressful situations (to look to me). I also have understood the value of structure and training – keeps her from getting bored and is relationship building between us.

I am much, much more aware of how to support Beso and how to prevent/manage stressful situations for her. I take her for walks every day, and she enjoys them (whereas before, she would aggressively bark and “flip out” at all people and dogs and noise). I was having significant trouble walking her and taking her to the dog park, when Shannon helped me.

Shannon is a true expert in reading dogs and coaching others in positive reinforcement techniques.

Suzanne L., Denver, CO

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