Thoughts on Dog Training and Using Corrections

I spend most of my time these days either thinking, reading, asking or talking about dog training and behavior.  I have moved from a place of “how can I get my/your dog to stop doing X behavior”, to “how can I get my/your dog to DO X behavior”.  The result is much more gratifying!  I get to teach dogs all sorts of things, like how to relax, how to go to their bed/lay down/drop the ball/speak/jump/sit when asked to, and they always get some sort of reward. 

It is an infinitely more positive and fun relationship than when I used to (out of frustration and exasperation, not knowing what else to do) yell, say no and yank on their collar when they did an unwanted behavior.  Corrections only serve to suppress behavior, but they don’t change the reason for doing it, nor do they give the dog an alternate behavior to perform.  It’s fun to teach a dog to keep 4 on the floor, then they know what to do in lieu of jumping, for instance.

I am so grateful to have so many wonderful tools in my dog training tool box, and I think all the doggies I work with are, too!